This prototype game was concepted and created in 7 weeks by a small and dedicated team of student developers at the School of Game Design Development at Academy of Art University.


HyperJump is a race for survival where players will traverse through post-apocalyptic space in an attempt to save the last of their species.


Game features randomly generated layouts, usable item pickups and a scoring system to compete against others or your own high score.


Hey, Brendan the developer here! This game is collaborative student project and I would love any constructive feedback. Thank you so much!



Brendan Reilly – Second Year – Game Design, Concept & Programming


Taibin Zhang – Third Year – K-Zar Ship, Portraits, Menus & Environment


Nathanael Gulbranson – Second Year – Human Ship Design & Model/Pickup Models/Special Effects


Connor Donley – Second Year - Space Debris, Obstacles & Marketing Materials


Music by Nihilore:

Install instructions

Download the HyperJump_Build file and then open the exe. file within.


HyperJump_Build.rar 52 MB

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